Lympstone Entertainments aim is to enable people in the village of Lympstone in East Devon to experience professional, dramatic and musical performances at an affordable price.

Lympstone Entertainments – future attractions

Here are some of Lympstone Entertainments upcoming events. Click the picture or the link on the right for more details.

Lympstone Entertainments




Sunday 12th November 2017 3 pm

Lympstone Village Hall



Crows features two of the finest male voices in the English folk tradition, Mick Ryan and James Patterson. Also included are multi-instrumentalist Dave Bordewey, and Lympstone’s own Paul Downes.

Lympstone Entertainments


Village concert 2018

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Lympstone Village Hall








Lympstone Entertainments’ annual showcase for the abundance of local talent that never fails to wow the audience!

Lympstone Entertainments – looking ahead to 2018

Lympstone Entertainments will present an exciting programme of new events in 2018.

It’s early days yet, but not too soon to put in your diary: Saturday 3rd February – Village Concert 2018.

The Dante String Quartet will return by popular demand. Plans are even now being finalized for a concert in June.  Details will appear in Drumbeat as soon as we know them.

Next July, on a date yet to be confirmed, we hope the  the Cygnet Theatre will bring a new show to the Telfers’ garden.

There will, of course, be much more from Lympstone Entertainments who look forward to your company throughout the months ahead.


Lympstone Entertainments audiences are kept informed of our plans through an email newsletter called Drumbeat.

If you would like your name added to our circulation list, just send a brief email to giving your name, email address and telephone number.


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