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  1. Pauline & Gerald Lewis.

    Lympstone Entertainments, Ltd.
    I would very much like to thank you for the excellent evening my wife and I enjoyed yesterday evening , Sunday, 29th April when you featured The Budapest Café Orchestra.
    It was indeed an excellent performance.
    Yours sincerely,
    Pauline & Gerald Lewis.

  2. John Bilsborough

    I was idly autogoogling today (it’s still legal) and I came across a reference toi a poem of mine “Albert and the Privy” which Brian had shared with an audience in Lympstone a while ago. I’m always flattered when other performers do my stuff and I wonder whether you’d like to hear some more. If you Google John Bilsborough and look at the video me me at Dindfwr Music Festival, you’ll get the tale of Linda the inflatable sweetheart (in the best possible taste, vicar). I find your range of activities quite stunning and I’m intrigued to know more.
    My own cred is quite good – a couple of decades writing and reading a weekly topical poem on Radio 4, Radio Wales and the World Service, Poet in Residence at Dylan Thomas’s Boathouse for his Centenary Year, a trophy for the Worst Song in the World at Pontardawe International and a Member of the Welsh Academi (which, as a Lancashire Lad, I do quite like. Oh, you could look at the Monologues website “Make Em Laugh” – the Tradition Continues for lots of my other Albert pieces…

    • Brian Mather

      Brian here. Your comment is undated but , knowing me, aged old. Sorry about that!

      I loved your monologue and ,as I do lots by Marriot Egar, I introduce your as the best in his style. The Privy is my second favourite after the Runcorn Ferry. I perform at the local Folk Club in Lympstone, Devon and the annual village concert. I knew a John Billsborogh at school(Lancaster Royal Grammar ) in the 60s I cannot believe it could be you? Thanks for the work and I will follow up your others. maybe we should book you for an evening in the village hall. Brian Mather

  3. Jeanne Silvestri

    “In Praise of Cider” Sunday 6 January 12:30pm.

    What a wonderful way to spend a grey, cold Twelfth Night afternoon! We really enjoyed the Musical Entertainment, brilliantly and humourously performed by the three talented actors/musicians/singers. The food was delicious and what a good idea to have the cider-based main course, then the entertainment, followed by traditional Devon Apple Cake dessert with yoghourt.

    Congratulations to all those involved – the performers, cooks, servers, bar staff, organisers – convivial, jolly atmosphere. Well worth the journey over the Exe from South Devon!

    Just one request, if you do the production again,could you stock Devon Apple Juice, as a non-alcoholic drink for those of us who had to drive. Several South Devon companies sell it in bottles and may even do Sale or Return.

    Thank you, one and all, Cheers!

  4. John Bilsborough

    I’ve just read Brian Mather’s reply to my email – at last. Yes, t’is me. Ex LRGS and nearly recovered from it…. Mr Flint said, at a Parents’ Evening, that i “might just survive on native wit. SAo far, so good. johnbilsborough@yahoo.com

  5. Nigel Goodwin

    A REMARKABLE EVENING Hildegard of Bingen

    Visionary, mystic, linguist, poet, artist, playwright, preacher and musician, – multi-faceted Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179, 12th century Benedictine Abbess of the Rhineland – came to Lympstone parish church on 23rd March. Reflecting on the blessing that was ours to hear and see this concert/play, we must applaud our own Lympstone Entertainments.

    Several weeks earlier, visiting friends in Germany, my wife and I visited the Abbey of Bingen, high in the vineyards above the Rhine. Such peace, such tranquillity, such a sense of oneness between the sacred and the secular which embodied the woman that was Hildegard of Bingen.

    The Lympstone audience experienced a transforming event. Four highly accomplished women gave their talent to Vision – The imagined Testimony of Hidegard, written by Clare Norburn, one of the singers. With Adriane Prussner, mezzo-soprano, they sang Hildgard’s music beautifully.

    Our church seems to enhance music, even intensify it, more than it does the spoken word. The piece wasenriched by the sympathetic and melodious playing of the mediaeval harp by Leah Stuttard. The accomplished actor, Teresa Banham, brought this remarkable woman from the 12th century to life in the 21st century, an impressive leap of faith.

    It was intelligibly directed by Nicholas Renton, and wonderfully and imaginatively lit by Natalie Rowland, recreating the abbey of Bingen within Lympstone church. Thank you one and all for a remarkable evening.

    Nigel Goodwin

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