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Friday, 22nd March at 7pm

Lympstone Parish Church

Vision: The heavenly music of the 12th century nun










Tickets £12.50

The heavenly songs of the 12th century abbess, Hildegard of Bingen, the ‘Sybil of the Rhine’, have captured the public imagination over the past two decades or so. Music written 900 years ago entrances us even today. She described herself as “A feather on the breath of God”, but she was also involved in politics, diplomacy, philosophy and medicine. She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany. She wrote two books on natural history and medicine (Physica and Cause and Cure), and the first ever morality play. She was a naturalist, a playwright, a poet and a composer, and founded a monastery.

Hildegard wrote some of the most beautiful music from mediaeval times. Her wonderful songs will be performed by candlelight by the early music ensemble The Telling who take us back to the middle ages with their intimate concert-theatre presentations, and sing with “a perfection that is heart-stopping.”.

Hildegard herself will tell us about her extraordinary life, in which she was destined to become the most celebrated woman of her age. Actress Teresa Banham plays Hildegard. She has performed in many roles for the RSC as well as for Royal Exchange, for Trevor Nunn at Southwark Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe, Old Vic, Young Vic and Shared Experience. Television appearances includes Dr Who, Call the Midwife, Mary Wilson in The Crown (series 3), Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, Dalziel & Pascoe and Robin Hood (BBC)

Hildegard’s book of visions occupied her for ten years, and this performance of her music by The Telling is called The Vision. It promises to be an evening of candlelight, atmosphere and music, taking the form of Hildegard’s imagined testimony.

Hildegard’s part is written by Clare Norburn, who wrote the script for Beethoven when he also appeared in Lympstone Church to introduce his string quartets, played by the Dante Quartet two years ago. The Dantes will be returning on 7th June this year with a programme of quartets by Haydn, Debussy and Szymanowski.See below.

Vision is part of The Telling’s Empowered Women Trilogy and is funded by Arts Council England, The Golsoncott Foundation  and The Ambache Charitable Trust.

Check out the Hildegard programme notes for more information.


Friday, 7 June 7pm


Lympstone Church

Tickets £15







Of all Lympstone Entertainments events, the Dante Quartet playing the whole cycle of Beethoven string quartets in 2017 was undoubtedly the highlight. Over 1,000 people came to those concerts, and were thrilled by the playing of Krysia Osostowicz, Oscar Perks, Yuko Onoue and Richard Jenkinson.

They return to Lympstone on 7th June this year, to play a single concert, with a programme of three wonderful quartets from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries:

Joseph Haydn is known as the Father of the String Quartet. He wrote 68 in all, and the six that are catalogued as Op. 76 are held to be amongst the very best.

       Op. 76 no. 5 is particularly famous for its long slow movement, a melancholy-beautiful melody that is often played at memorial services (hence the quartet’s nickname, ‘The Graveyard’).

Claude Debussy, the great French composer whose music could be heard everywhere last year on the centenary of his death, wrote only one String Quartet,

       Op. 10 in G minor, but it is one of the most-loved of all. The music has often been compared to the paintings of the French Impressionists who were his contemporaries.

Karol Szymanowski is the best-known Polish composer after Chopin. He wrote symphonies, concertos and operas, but only two string quartets. The second,

       String Quartet No. 2 Op. 56, written in 1937, begins in the classical style, but the 2nd and 3rd movements take their melodies and their rhythms from the highland folksongs of Podhale, including the brigands’ tune ‘Pocciez chlopcy’. The quartet closes with chords reminiscent of Zakopane folk bands, to which Szymanowski had for years been listening with great enthusiasm.



Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust, we are able to offer 50 free tickets for this concert to the first people between the ages of 8 and 25 years to apply for them. If you would like to bring a group of your students to any of these concerts, we advise you to book for the whole group as soon as you can through the Box Office. Although you will need to reserve your free student tickets in advance (so we can keep track of numbers), all your students have to do is sign one of our official forms at the door on the night.











Saturday, 13 July 6.00pm

Next to Lympstone Car Park

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Tickets £10, Family £30, U18s/NUS £5









Performed by the Cygnet Company
Director Amanda Knott
William Shakespeare’s epic and delightful comedy is a rollicking tale of marriage, fidelity, trickery and love.
The puffed up and degenerate Sir John Falstaff, a Knight of the Garter, is seized with the outrageous idea that to seduce two of Windsor’s wealthy merry wives will prove his virility and give him access to their money, but with female cunning and a devilish plot involving their husbands, Falstaff is repeatedly tricked by the women.


Saturday, 5 October 7.30pm

Lympstone Village Hall

Paul Downes and Fake Thackray

Details to folow



Sunday 5 January 2.30pm

Lympstone Village Hall

The Exmouth Shanty Men

Details to folow


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