Lympstone Entertainments never refuse to sell tickets at the door, apart from regular sell-outs, like our Village Concert. However we very much prefer audience members to buy tickets for our shows in advance, because we then know how many chairs to put out and how many ice creams, bottles of beer or cups of tea to cater for!

Tickets for all Lympstone Entertainments events are available from the Lympstone Entertainments Box Office.
c/o Demelza Henderson,
2, Brookfield Cottages,
The Strand,

Telephone Lympstone Entertainments: 01395 272243


You can also book tickets by email.

Email details of the event(s) for which you want tickets to

Please include your name & phone number.


If you would like your name added to our circulation list, just send a brief email to giving your name, email address and telephone number.


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